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Why Opt for ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC Management?

  • Scaling up your brand from X to 10x in no time
  • To be visible to your ideal prospect
  • To protect your brand from being hijacked by category leaders
  • To always 1 step ahead of your competitors

ExpGrowth offers a tailored solution to address these challenges.
We are ExpGrowth, a comprehensive management agency specializing in Amazon PPC. Equipped with a team of Amazon experts and core resources, we provide customized services that surpass the goals of each client.

amazon ppc management

Identifying Your Pain Points

ExpGrowth, as a comprehensive management agency specializing in Amazon PPC, is poised to assist you and your business. Our dedicated team and core resources are designed to deliver tailored services that exceed your goals. What are your pain points?

  • Low Ad Visibility and Impressions
  • Inefficient Campaign Structuring
  • High Advertising Costs
    Poor Ad Relevance and Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Lack of Negative Keyword Management
  • Limited Ad Placement Strategy
  • Ignoring Competitor Analysis
  • Neglecting Data and Analytics
  • Inadequate Ad Testing and Optimization
  • Limited Focus on Product Targeting

In such challenging situations, where your product could excel on the platform, giving up is not the solution. ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC management services offer an affordable and effective way to optimize and enhance the performance of your PPC campaigns. Our expertise, data-backed strategies, and client-focused approach contribute to a comprehensive strategy for your business.

How Does ExpGrowth Work for Your Amazon Success?

What can experts in Amazon PPC management do for your business? Once we launch our strategy for your company, you will witness remarkable benefits:

  • Improve Amazon Sales Through PPC: Enhance revenue and maximize profits with increased conversions. We work to lower your Advertising Cost of Spending (ACoS), providing better returns even with reduced marketing expenditure.
  • Increase Discoverability: Target the right keywords to reach potential customers effectively. Our strategies ensure your business is easily discoverable, attracting the right audience interested in your products.
  • Careful Monitoring of Bidding Strategies: Constantly optimize your PPC strategy by monitoring key elements like placement, keywords, bids, and more. Real-time adjustments are made to boost profitability and revenue.
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly Campaign Tracking and Reporting: Provide detailed and transparent reporting on campaign performance. Regular updates and insights empower you to make informed decisions for your business.

Please review our client testimonials to learn more about why companies prefer ExpGrowth!

Understanding Amazon PPC

amazon ppc management

Amazon PPC is a paid advertising model where sellers pay for each click on their ad. It includes various campaigns such as Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands. The complexity lies in treating PPC as an investment. Without professional management, costs can escalate without proportional results. This is where ExpGrowth’s expertise in Amazon PPC management becomes crucial.

Key Steps Towards a Successful Amazon PPC Strategy

amazon ppc management

ExpGrowth collaborates closely with your business to develop a winning Amazon PPC strategy:

Develop an Amazon PPC Strategy: Conduct a comprehensive campaign audit to identify strengths and weaknesses. Target areas for improvement to create a successful strategy.
Identify Opportunities: Perform detailed Amazon keyword research and analyze competitor strategies to identify key opportunities for your business.
Education: Empower clients with knowledge about Amazon PPC, spending, campaign setup, and optimization. Education ensures informed decision-making and long-term success.

Why Invest in ExpGrowth's Amazon PPC Management?

amazon ppc management

Investing in ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC management provides a range of resources for success on the platform:

  • Full Campaign Audit: Evaluate strong and weak points, understand competitors, and research the industry to create a robust action plan.
  • Services Provided by ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC Management Experts: SEO for Amazon Product Listings: In-depth keyword research for effective PPC campaigns.
  • Setup Amazon Campaigns: Create comprehensive Pay-Per-Click campaigns tailored to your business.
  • Ongoing Campaign Management: Continuously monitor and optimize campaigns for better results.
  • Amazon Campaign Tracking and Reporting: Provide transparent reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Dedicated Support: Access expert support for Amazon Seller Central account and ongoing assistance.

Services Offered by ExpGrowth's Amazon PPC Management Experts

amazon ppc management

ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC management services cover various aspects of Amazon Marketplace advertising:

  • SEO for Amazon Product Listings: Comprehensive keyword research for effective PPC campaigns.
    • Advanced keyword research
    • Variant keyword research
    • Branded keyword research
    • Competitor keyword research
  • Setup Amazon Campaigns – Complete Pay-Per-Click Campaign Creation:
    • Sponsored product ads
    • Sponsored brand ads
    • Amazon video ads
    • DSP/Class – I ads – On & Off Amazon 
  • Ongoing Amazon Campaign Management and Optimization:
    • “ADD” framework to scale the account
    • Adjusting bids
    • Updating/Negating keywords
    • A/B split testing
  • Amazon Campaign Tracking and Reporting:
    • Providing frequent updates
    • Transparent weekly/monthly reports
  • Dedicated Support for Amazon Seller Management:
    • Help with Amazon Seller Central account
    • Dedicated Account Manager

Benefits of ExpGrowth's Amazon PPC Management Services

Investing in ExpGrowth’s Amazon PPC management services yields numerous benefits for your business:

  • Improve sales from advertising
  • Enhance organic rankings based on brand discovery and repeat customers
  • Receive expert advice and guidance
  • Reduce time wasted on mistakes
  • Maximize sales from marketing investments
  • Drive positive reviews
  • Build more loyal shoppers
  • Gain more brand recognition

Choose Success with ExpGrowth's Amazon PPC Management

Consider ExpGrowth as your partner for Amazon PPC management. Our tailored services are designed to help your business thrive, grow, and outpace the competition. Whether you have a limited budget, specific timelines, or outstanding goals, investing in ExpGrowth is an investment in your business’s success on Amazon.

Amazon PPC Management FAQs


Amazon PPC management is a service dedicated to optimizing the advertising platform for sellers and enhancing product sales. It involves paying for ads only when a user clicks on them. ExpGrowth’s specialists ensure efficient management, maximizing return on investment (ROI) for your ad campaigns.

An Amazon PPC strategy is a custom plan to achieve specific advertising goals. It includes various ad types, wording, and keywords, aiming to reach target customers effectively. Our specialists continually manage and optimize the strategy to maintain a high ROI.

An Amazon PPC specialist possesses advanced skills to manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Amazon. With expertise in configuring, launching, and optimizing campaigns, they ensure specific goals are met and deliver a favourable ROI for your products.

Your budget depends on factors like product type, competition, and overall budget. Amazon PPC campaigns typically cost $0.81 to $2 per click, but our specialists analyze your situation to provide a detailed budget recommendation aligned with your goals.

Yes, Amazon PPC is generally worth it as it allows you to pay for ads clicked by consumers genuinely interested in your products. This targeted approach increases traffic to your Amazon listing, driving growth and providing a solid return on investment.

SEO for Amazon product listings involves creating keyword-based campaigns to attract visitors. ExpGrowth’s comprehensive keyword research includes branded, variant, advanced, and competitor keywords, ensuring a robust foundation for a successful PPC campaign.

Working with ExpGrowth’s dedicated specialists, pay-per-click campaigns include thorough product research and creation of sponsored product display ads, sponsored brand ads, Amazon video ads, and DSP ads. Each campaign is customized for long-term success.

Our specialists continually optimize Amazon PPC campaigns by adjusting bids, updating keywords, and conducting A/B split testing. This dynamic approach ensures that your campaign remains effective and aligned with your evolving goals.