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Date:December 20, 2022


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Are you aware that 50% of consumers visit a store the day after conducting a local search? Local search engine optimization is essential if you want people to enter your establishment.

If you’re a local business owner competing for top ranks with big names like Walmart and Amazon, there needs to be more value in spending time and money to improve your Google presence. This might be the case for the primary organic listings but not local searches.

Local SEO enables you to communicate more effectively with individuals in your town, city, or neighborhood, regardless of whether you operate from a physical site or cater to a specific geographic area. This is significant because 81% of consumers now use Google to evaluate local companies.

We’ll talk about local SEO in this piece, local SEO: why it matter, its advantages, and the best ways to tweak your approach for better outcomes.

What does Local SEO entail, and why is it effective?

Local SEO is essential to attract more locals to your store because it is a powerful online marketing tool. Local SEO enables you to optimize your website for improved search engine positioning and local audience outreach. Optimizing your city and address makes it easier for customers to find your company online and encourage them to visit it in person.

An Illustration of a Local Search

If you want to know what is local SEO, read on. You may be curious about what a local search on a search engine like Google looks like. Local search makes use of precise keywords related to places or nearby businesses. When conducting local investigations, the following terms are frequently used:

  • “near me”
  • “in [city]”

Both queries produce search results that are localized to a certain region.

A local SEO 3-pack appears when a user searches for one of these local terms. A local SEO 3-pack is a list of three nearby or in the specified area businesses that are relevant to the user’s search and appear in the local area.

Say you’ve recently moved to a new area and are looking for a pizza restaurant. You use search terms like “pizza shop near me” or “pizza shop in [city]” when you search on your phone. Your local SEO 3-pack, which includes three pizza shops close to your location, will be generated as a result of this search.

The top three companies that match your search are included in these listings. Your 3-pack will consist of a different group of businesses if you conduct your search elsewhere, such as in another city.

The Google Business Profile listings that you see in the local SEO 3-pack are listings. Your Google Business Profile makes you more visible in local search results, and we’ll go into these listings in more detail later.

What aspects impact local search?

To comprehend how and why your local business will appear to searchers, regardless of whether you run a contractor, dentist, plumber, real estate agency, or any other local company, it is crucial to grasp what local SEO is.

Understanding the variables that affect local search is crucial as you develop your local SEO plan and become familiar with local SEO. Which businesses show up in local search results is mainly influenced by three factors:

1. Proximity

Google typically produces results that are close to the user. How near the searcher is to your company is referred to as proximity. Although you have little influence over this aspect, it is crucial to keep this in mind when optimizing your Google Business Profile for local search.

To guarantee that you appear in local searches near you, listing your service area in your Google Business Profile is a wonderful idea.

2. Relevance

Google creates a list of companies that sell pizza when someone searches for a pizza restaurant. In addition, Google produces relevant results. Depending on the search query and the goods or services you provide, you may or may not be applicable.

3. Appearance

What other clients have to say about your goods or services is what prominence concentrates on. This appears as one- to five-star ratings, user comments, and reviews on the Google listing. To assist consumers in locating the finest company for their needs, Google wants to display locations with outstanding ratings.

Your local SEO marketing influences your company’s ranking in local search results. Knowing these elements will also help you improve your regional SEO strategy and increase foot traffic to your business. These three things must be considered as you develop your local SEO plan. These three things must be regarded as you build your local SEO plan. These three things must be considered as you develop your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO advantages

  • Better online presence

Local SEO practices like citation and link building improve your online presence. This makes it simpler for potential clients to find your company.

  • More customers entering your store

More people enter your physical location when you are more visible in the community.

  • Profit from the growth in local shopping

Following COVID, more than half of customers now choose to buy locally and to support smaller brands or local businesses. Your chances of winning those new business possibilities increase thanks to local SEO.

  • Increased targeted web traffic

Optimizing your website for local search can increase the number of leads, subscriptions, sign-ups, and sales that come to your website.

  • More phone calls

Improving the visibility of your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) can increase its exposure on Google Maps. More phone calls and in-person visits may result from this.

  • Thought leadership

Using content marketing, you may develop a thought leadership position and become recognized as an authority in your industry.

  • Increased levels of trust

Reputation management promotes confidence in your company.

  • More sales

It’s common knowledge that customers consult online reviews before selecting a local company.

  • Increased conversion rate

Website optimization can boost your conversion rate by increasing sales, phone calls, email signups, and submissions to contact forms.

  • More competitive

Local SEO also ups your competitiveness because it motivates you to research what your competitors are doing and what strategies are effective for them before incorporating those into your strategy.

Local SEO optimization to boost your local web visibility!

Now that you are fully aware of what local SEO is and how important it is, it’s time to optimize your approach and choose whether or not you require local SEO services.

Let’s look at local SEO optimizations you may make to strengthen your local presence.

1. Make sure your Google Business Profile is claimed and optimized.

The most important and first step in developing a local SEO plan is to take control of your Google Business Profile listing. The focal point of your local strategy is your Google Business Profile entry. You must optimize your listing and claim it if you want to attract nearby customers to your business.

Once you claim your Google Business Profile listing, you can begin creating your profile.

To have a top-notch local listing, you need complete the following features:

  • Name, address, and contact information (NAP)

When claiming your local listing, you should ensure the most critical information is accurate.

Start with the name of your company. Make sure it is the original name of your business. You should use your company’s complete name in your local listing, even if it is shorter.

Verify your address next. You need to ensure local leads are sent in the proper direction! Finally, you should verify your business’s phone number.

People must be able to reach you in some way. You can also include an email address in your listing to give users another means to contact your team.

  • Include images with your listing.

After you’ve entered all the necessary details for your listing, you should include images. To learn more about your business, products, or services, many customers look at the photos on your Google Business Profile.

You want to advertise your business by employing authentic images. You have a great chance to promote your company using these photographs. Avoid using stock photographs so that potential customers may get a better idea of your company.

You can post images of your shop’s interior and outside, your employees, and your goods.

A user may occasionally provide a photograph of your service or product along with their evaluation. As it demonstrates to other potential consumers how fantastic your products/services are, this is especially helpful for restaurants, service and repair businesses, or a company with a customizable business plan.

  • Create an introduction.

You have a little space in your introduction to explain to your audience what you can do for them. This area is an excellent location for you to emphasize the distinctive qualities of your company.

Additionally, you can outline your business and list the categories of goods and services you provide.

In this case, the emphasis of the description is on informing the reader about the food the establishment serves and emphasizing that it is a family-run enterprise. Include local keywords in your introduction to make it easier for visitors to find your business.

2. Make your website content localized

When performing local SEO, concentrate on something other than your Google Business Profile listing. Your website might assist you in attracting local clients, even though your Google Business Profile profile is essential. What steps do you take to localize your website?

Incorporating the names of your city, county, or region across your website is the most excellent approach to localizing it. Participating in neighborhood activities is another approach to localizing your website. This method will assist you in reaching more nearby clients and showing up in those valuable search results.

You can create blog posts about events you participate in on your website. When you participate in these activities, you highlight them on your website. For instance, you might incorporate regionally pertinent keywords when you write about the event on your website.

You can attract more customers by localizing your website. A fantastic technique to drive local traffic to your website is through local SEO content. It not only increases awareness of the event, but it also makes your company more well-known.

3. Pick relevant keywords

The use of keywords is essential for local SEO. You must optimize your website and your Google Business Profile if you want to appear in local search results. Conduct keyword research to discover regional keywords.

By conducting keyword research, you may determine the best keywords to use in your listing and website. Focus on long-tail keywords when conducting research. Three or more words are used in long-tail keywords.

4. Take care of your reviews

Reviews are listed in your Google Business Profile listing. Local leads choose your company in large part based on reviews. When someone has no prior experience with your firm, they rely on the experiences of others to determine whether they would be a suitable fit.

They will look at the reviews on your profile to determine whether you can meet their demands when they perform a local search. The positioning of your listing may also be affected by thoughts. Businesses with a higher star rating and a more significant number of reviews typically appear first on Google.

This procedure does not imply that receiving the best review score guarantees the top spot. However, it does assist in improving your local search ranking. It is acceptable to receive both favorable and unfavorable feedback for your company.

People may question the integrity of your reviews if you only have five stars. Having a range of studies on your page is a fantastic idea. If you receive favorable evaluations, thank the reviewers for their insight.

If people submit bad reviews, you should endeavor to resolve their concerns to improve their experience. People anticipate seeing unfavorable comments. People care about how you respond to those reviews.

5. Make voice search optimized

You may be surprised that more than 55% of consumers use voice search to locate local businesses. It would help if you adapted your local search strategy for voice. When searching on a device, people search differently than when searching orally. It would help if you adjusted your local search strategy for voice.

It’s crucial to take into consideration how consumers phrase their voice searches. Users are more prone to utilize slang and ask questions instead of making statements. When conducting a voice search, a person can ask, “Where can I locate a pizza place near me?” instead of, for instance, typing “pizza places near me.” When you produce local SEO material, you should incorporate terms that people use to search for your business verbally.

Voice search optimization will enable you to connect with more local leads and encourage them to visit your business.

6. Make your website better

A user can discover more about you by visiting your website by clicking the tab that appears when they find your Google Business Profile listing.

Whether your audience discovers your website through search results or your local listing, you must have a well-optimized website.

You need an optimized website if you want your local SEO strategy to be successful. Here are some suggestions about how to make your website more user-friendly:

  • Have a modernized look

If your website appears outdated or stale, visitors will become disinterested. By spending money on your website’s design, you’ll want to give it a new and updated look.

  • Make sure your website loads quickly.

Users detest having to wait while a page loads. Google PageSpeed Insights allows you to see where your site needs work. You can spend money on page speed optimization services if you need to learn how to perform these optimizations.

  • Make the navigation easy.

Organize your categories and subcategories into broad groupings. Users will quickly lose interest if they can’t discover the information they need on your website. They will find the information they need if the navigation is straightforward and user-friendly.

Optimize your website for local SEO if you want better outcomes.

Local SEO: The Final Takeaway

You could feel overwhelmed now that you understand what local SEO is, why it’s crucial, and how to optimize it. Learning and integrating SEO tips into your business strategy can take some time because it is a technical procedure. To discover how ExpGrowth can help you improve your local SEO campaign and increase traffic and profits for your business, get in touch with us online or give us a call right away. Feel free to contact us if you have any SEO queries or ask for local SEO solutions!

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