Propelling a Facility Management Software Website to 100,000 Monthly Visitors in Just Six Months

Client Overview:

Many aspire to be recognized as thought leaders in their niche, yearning for their website to be the definitive resource in their specific domain. Achieving this lofty goal necessitates meticulous planning, dedicated resources, and a strategic focus on high-quality content.

The Challenge: Becoming the Authority in Facility Management Software - A Bold Aspiration

In the autumn of 2022, the founder of an informational website harboured similar ambitions. They aimed to establish themselves as the ultimate content destination for facility management software. Their objective was to swiftly reach 100,000 monthly visitors. To transform this vision into reality, they engaged ExpGrowth to initiate their blog from scratch, co-create an SEO strategy, and craft the content.

Action Plan

Within an astonishing six months, we catapulted them to the coveted milestone of 100,000 monthly visitors. Here’s how we accomplished it.

1. A Solid Foundation: Focusing on SEO Optimization from Day One

Many website owners inadvertently set up their platforms with fundamental errors, undermining their potential for success. Common mistakes include disorganized site structures, neglecting categories and tags for content organization, or overlooking meta descriptions and title tags. Such oversights impede content visibility in Google’s search results preview.

Correcting these issues often requires significant time and investment. Hence, we always advocate for starting a site correctly. A clean, well-structured, and navigable framework sets the stage for SEO success. Since our client was building from scratch, we ensured they commenced with the right site structure.

2. Pre-launch Content Blitz: Planning and Creating Abundant Content

Our typical recommendation for clients involves producing 8-12 articles per month, and gradually building a robust library over a year. However, this client aspired to reach 100,000 monthly visitors swiftly. To expedite their journey, we diligently created at least five articles per week for three months preceding the launch.

This aggressive content production allowed our client to rapidly amass domain authority and compete effectively in a crowded arena. Launching with a substantial volume of content conveyed reliability and trustworthiness to both readers and Google’s algorithm. The website appeared substantial, defying the “startup” impression, and encouraged readers to explore beyond a single article, thereby reducing bounce rates—an essential Google ranking factor.

The website commenced with 75 articles, and the impact was immediate: they surged from zero to 19,000 sessions in just six weeks, and by the fourth month, they attracted 60,000 monthly visitors. Within six months, they boasted an impressive 105,000 monthly visitors.

3. Strategic Content Explosion: The “Scorch the Earth” Approach

Our client’s aspiration was to rapidly accumulate traffic. To achieve this, we implemented an audacious “scorch the earth” strategy. With a meticulously curated list of desired topics, we comprehensively covered every aspect connected to a core theme with a substantial search volume.

While the volume of content was substantial, each topic was carefully selected based on keyword search volume and intent. We ensured that the chosen keywords met specific criteria:

  • High search volume
  • Low keyword difficulty
  • Relevance and value to readers

This “scorch the earth” strategy may not be universally applicable, as its effectiveness depends on the competitive landscape and specific objectives. However, it was a perfect fit for this informational site with numerous competitors.

4. Milestones of Success: Co-creating a Vision of Achievement

Hinging on a substantial Statement of Work (SOW) for an untested component of the marketing strategy can be daunting. In this scenario, where we were creating a substantial volume of articles before quantifiable metrics like pageviews or keyword rankings were available, our focus was on delivering content aligned with pre-defined objectives. This included ensuring that the content covered agreed-upon topics, aligned with the brand’s tone, was meticulously researched, addressed search intent, and adhered to weekly deadlines.

Creating a mutually agreed-upon set of deliverables within defined timeframes is a prudent approach when engaging with a vendor for substantial upfront work.

5. Continuous Adaptation: Not a “Set It and Forget It” Approach

Our client came to us with a clear vision and strategy, and we meticulously aligned our keyword research plan to support this editorial vision. However, our strategy remained adaptable. We designed a matrix of “keyword starts” encompassing various angles like “What is X,” “How to use X,” and “How much does X type of machine cost?”‍

This comprehensive framework enabled us to generate over 75 articles swiftly.


Since we started working, our client has expanded their content strategy to encompass related topics and diverse content types, such as newsletters, e-books, and training courses. They plan to further diversify and expand their business.

In their words, “Unlike many other agencies, ExpGrowth didn’t lock me into a long-term contract and then skimp on quality. Working with them was a completely seamless experience and while a bit expensive, they have a premium offering — the content is great and they drive results. ExpGrowth truly cares about their clients and it’s refreshing to finally work with an agency that works with you as a partner instead of just as a vendor.”


In conclusion, it is totally possible to achieve great results by just properly working on SEO with a great content strategy. If you want to be a thought leader in your domain then your content must resonate with your transforming ideas and your strong industry knowledge. Customers love to work or use the products/services of companies who know their pain points and understand the industry well.

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