Supercharging Organic Traffic for a Leading B2B SAAS Tech Brand

Client Overview

During and after COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for digital collaboration tools skyrocketed. Companies in the B2B SAAS sector were in a frantic race to secure their share of the pie.

The competition for organic search traffic was particularly intense, as corporations hastily sought tools to facilitate the shift to remote work. The companies providing these tools needed to act swiftly to capitalize on the surge in demand.

One such company, specializing in apps for sprint planning and product roadmaps, turned to ExpGrowth to increase its organic traffic, conversions, and brand recognition. They aimed to leverage the increased demand and attract more enterprise customers.

The Initial Challenge: Limited Organic Traffic and No In-House SEO

Before enlisting the services of ExpGrowth, this tech brand’s blog was generating a modest ~825 organic sessions per week. Company leaders recognized the need to ramp up organic traffic to seize the opportunities arising from the sudden surge of interest in their industry.

Additionally, the brand sought to position itself as a viable solution for enterprise teams navigating the complexities of remote work during the pandemic through its blog content.

With these objectives in mind and the active involvement of the client in identifying content needs within their high-tech niche, ExpGrowth formulated a deliberate SEO strategy tailored to achieve the brand’s goals.

Action Plan: Balancing Visibility and Conversion

In the highly competitive tech landscape, online visibility is of paramount importance. Therefore, ExpGrowth’s initial goal was to enhance the brand’s rankings to attract more organic traffic. This involved a strategic blend of targeted keywords and high-quality content, which enabled the brand to compete effectively for top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Keyword research played a pivotal role in the strategy. However, ExpGrowth recognized that rankings and traffic alone wouldn’t suffice as marketing goals. Conversion and revenue were equally vital. Consequently, the strategy allocated approximately a quarter of the keyword focus to lower-volume, long-tail keywords that directly addressed customer pain points and had a higher likelihood of conversion.

Building Trust and Authority: Guiding Enterprises

In addition to winning on the SERP and converting organic traffic into revenue, the brand aimed to gain the trust of enterprise clients seeking a reliable remote collaboration solution.

To address this objective, ExpGrowth shifted the content focus towards comprehensive guides, each two to three times the length of a typical blog post. These in-depth resources not only positioned the brand as an industry expert but also ranked for hundreds of related keywords, furthering the brand’s organic rankings and driving organic traffic.

The Results: Exponential Organic Traffic Growth in 11 Months

The Results: Exponential Organic Traffic Growth in 11 Months

ExpGrowth’s content and SEO strategy achieved rapid success. ExpGrowth was publishing eight blog posts per month for the client. By January, the blog consistently reached new all-time traffic highs week after week.

In less than two months, organic traffic to the blog doubled. Within four months, it doubled again. Just 11 months after the SEO strategy’s launch—organic sessions to the brand’s blog reached an all-time high of 5,483 weekly sessions, marking a nearly 600% increase compared to the previous year’s average of 825 weekly sessions.

Enhancing Authority through Link-building

ExpGrowth implemented a meticulous link-building strategy that aimed to secure 10 white-hat backlinks each month from relevant, reputable sites within the brand’s industry. This endeavour resulted in a notable increase in the brand’s domain authority (DA) score, gaining six points. This boost empowered the brand to compete for keywords of higher difficulty.

Establishing Industry Leadership

ExpGrowth’s work propelled the brand’s organic keyword rankings from 55 to an impressive 743 keywords on the first page of search results. Out of these, 123 reached the coveted top three positions in SERPs. This positioning solidified the brand’s standing as an industry leader across a multitude of pertinent topics in its sector.

The Potential of 6x Organic Traffic

ExpGrowth’s tailored content marketing approach transformed the client’s blog into an invaluable sales and education tool. The substantial increase in readership translated into remarkable revenue growth, exemplifying the transformative power of an effective SEO and content strategy.


Our client grappled with challenges concerning organic traffic attraction and conversion. To tackle this issue head-on, ExpGrowth devised a comprehensive content marketing strategy featuring keyword optimization, meticulously structured pages, articles, and strategic tracking. With ExpGrowth’s expertise, they witnessed an impressive 600% increase compared to the previous year’s average of 825 weekly sessions.

If you’re eager to augment your inbound organic search traffic and revenue through a customized content strategy, look no further. ExpGrowth is poised to help you achieve extraordinary results.

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