Supercharging Organic Traffic for a SaaS Money-Saving Expert with ExpGrowth

Client Overview

ExpGrowth partnered with a cutting-edge, full-stack SaaS procurement platform. This client’s mission centres on simplifying SaaS subscription management, enabling businesses to shift their focus from SaaS payments and renewals to core operations. With seamless integration into existing quality management systems, their centralized, cloud-based platform streamlines contract management, invoicing, and user logins. Committed to exceptional customer service, they aim to forge lasting partnerships with clients, leveraging decades of SaaS procurement expertise to become the most cost-effective solution on the market.

The Challenge: Elevating Organic Traffic and Conversions

When our collaboration began in October 2022, our client’s meticulously designed website faced challenges in attracting the desired traffic. Recognizing the need for more landing pages and content, ExpGrowth devised an action plan.

Action Plan

  1. SEO-Driven Content Strategy by ExpGrowth:

ExpGrowth’s Head of SEO and Lead Content Manager orchestrated a plan to create high-quality service pages and long-form blog content targeting individuals actively seeking SaaS solutions. This strategy also encompassed crafting comparison articles for SaaS tools, which garnered significant popularity, bolstered traffic, and enhanced keyword rankings.

  1. Keyword Research with ExpGrowth:

ExpGrowth conducted a comprehensive website analysis using a top-tier SEO tool to pinpoint pertinent keywords capable of channeling targeted traffic. The analysis unearthed keywords related to SaaS tool comparisons, brimming with intent and search volume, providing a substantial opportunity for high SERP visibility. Remarkably, competition for these keywords was relatively low, offering a chance for dominant rankings. Incorporating these keywords into their content catalyzed improved search engine rankings and traffic influx.

  1. Bottom-Funnel Content with ExpGrowth:

ExpGrowth devised a strategy to craft informative and engaging content to bolster conversions and generate interest in their SaaS management, payment, sourcing, and security solutions. We created listicles comparing various SaaS tools and contracts in the market. These listicles were meticulously optimized for pertinent keywords like “stripe vs plaid,” “brex vs ramp,” and “saas contract negotiation,” successfully attracting users actively seeking such solutions. By delivering informative and comparative content, ExpGrowth positioned their brand as a trusted information source, underscoring the need for their SaaS management services and ultimately fostering higher conversion rates.

  1. Backlinks Strategy by ExpGrowth:

ExpGrowth implemented a backlink strategy to enhance search engine rankings and funnel more pertinent traffic. Acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative, SaaS-relevant websites bolstered their website’s domain authority and SERP visibility. These backlinks also functioned as endorsements or recommendations from other websites, instilling trust and credibility—a critical facet in the highly regulated, compliance-oriented SaaS industry.


Organic Traffic Surge: In a mere 5 months, organic traffic catapulted 3x from 945 to 2,835 visitors.

Organic Keywords On First Page: Organic keywords securing a first-page position skyrocketed by a remarkable 172%.

Backlink Profile Enhancement: We secured topical, pertinent backlinks, elevating the average domain rating to an impressive 53.


Our client grappled with challenges concerning organic traffic attraction and conversion. To tackle this issue head-on, ExpGrowth devised a comprehensive content marketing strategy featuring keyword optimization, meticulously structured pages, articles, and strategic tracking. With ExpGrowth’s expertise, they witnessed an impressive 172% improvement in keyword rankings and a substantial 3x surge in organic traffic. These milestones propelled them to reach a broader audience and establish themselves as a premier SaaS sourcing and management provider.

While the past five months have yielded considerable success, there’s room for further optimizing ROI from SEO endeavours. Implementation of enhanced conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to encourage visitor action and lead conversion is an avenue for improvement. By executing ExpGrowth’s recommendations, we anticipate a continued upswing in traffic and lead generation for our client.

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