ExpGrowth Supercharges a VPN Services Company’s Organic Keyword Growth by 3x in Just 2 Months

Client Overview

ExpGrowth partnered with a prominent VPN services company renowned for providing top-notch digital security solutions. With advanced data and traffic encryption techniques, the VPN company safeguarded user privacy across diverse channels, platforms, and devices.

The Challenge: Elevating Organic Traffic and Conversions

After extensive technical enhancements and experimentation to become the most reliable VPN provider, the developers sought ExpGrowth’s expertise in February 2022 to optimize their web structure comprehensively. Their goal? To exponentially increase traffic and sales.

Action Plan

1. Boosting Authority and Brand Awareness with ExpGrowth
ExpGrowth’s primary objective was to elevate the client’s authority and enhance brand recognition, with a specific focus on attracting potential consumers from the e-commerce and streaming sectors. While the website appeared to be functioning well on the surface, several underlying issues needed attention. These included URL structure and redirect errors, as well as content duplication – all detrimental to search engine favorability.

2. Technical SEO Overhaul
Following an exhaustive SEO audit, ExpGrowth swiftly implemented changes to align with Google’s guidelines. Key actions included:

  • Rectifying duplicate and canonical pages.
  • Resolving indexation issues.
  • Crafting appropriate meta tags for every page.
  • Configuring Google Search Console.
  • Eliminating language detection and redirects.
  • Implementing suitable Hreflang tags.
  • Enhancing page loading speed.
  • Recovering previously deleted pages.
  • Improving Core Web Vitals.
  • Adding a Table of Contents to each blog post.
  • Implementing effective internal linking.
  • Transitioning from www to non-www.
  • Addressing server-side rendering issues.

This combination of technical SEO and content strategies revitalized the domain, yielding remarkable results within a mere couple of months.

3. Content Strategy with ExpGrowth
ExpGrowth embarked on creating over 50 content pages strategically designed to rank for the keyword “Buy VPN” in both the UK and USA markets. These pages comprised a blend of landing pages and blog articles, tailored to cater to top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel marketing.

Top-of-the-Funnel (TOF) Landing Pages: These highlighted specific keywords like “VPN for XYZ website” and “Top VPN services,” aimed at ranking on Google and funnelling top-funnel audiences to the site. TOF engages users who are transitioning from being unaware to fully aware of the brand.

Middle-of-the-Funnel (MOF) Blog Pages: These addressed topics such as “How to Access Hidden Websites,” offering potential solutions to the targeted consumers’ pain points. MOF plays a pivotal role in customer acquisition and engagement.

Bottom-of-the-Funnel (BOF) Blog Campaign: This targeted specific websites that would benefit most from VPN services, engaging bottom-funnel traffic – audiences exhibiting clear buying intent.


The collaborative efforts of ExpGrowth led to dramatic organic keyword growth, multiplying the client’s organic keywords by 3x in a mere 2 months! This monumental achievement underscores the effectiveness of the technical SEO overhaul and the comprehensive content strategy.


In conclusion, ExpGrowth’s strategic interventions, blending technical SEO expertise and content prowess, successfully revitalized the client’s domain, catapulting them to new heights of organic keyword prominence. The future holds even greater promise with further enhancements to conversion rate optimization (CRO), poised to amplify traffic and lead generation.

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