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With our technical SEO services, you can say goodbye to navigating the complexities of technical search engine optimization (SEO) and hello to improved rankings, organic traffic, and higher revenue.

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Technical SEO ensures your website matches search engine requirements so that the website can be easily scanned and indexed. The primary objective of technical SEO is to evaluate the current SEO of your website and cross-check the points that need to be enhanced for a seamless and better online experience. Google may penalise websites for poor redirects, sluggish page loads, and poor site architecture. If these technical SEO issues are fixed, search rankings and organic traffic may improve significantly.

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Technical SEO - EXP

Our technical SEO firm uses a tactic to generate leads, internet sales, in-store traffic, and more. We’ve already assisted our clients in attracting millions of qualified leads and generating billions of dollars in revenue with SEO. Because of this, 91% of our clients continue to work with us in the second year of their campaign.

How can Technical SEO service fulfil your requirements?

Have you ever wondered why your company should use digital marketing services?

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The primary goal guiding algorithm adjustments is to provide the best possible user experience. Some technical on-page SEO elements are site speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the robots.txt file, the XML sitemap’s condition, and the content’s calibre. These components determine how well your website performs online. According to Google, a 10-second delay in page load time may result in a 123% increase in bounce rate. The time it takes for a mobile website to load can impact conversion rates by 20%, page views by 11%, and customer satisfaction by 16%. Schedule an online chat with one of our technical SEO consultants to learn more about technical SEO for WordPress and its benefits to your company.

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Why should you use Technical SEO Service?

Improve the performance of your website and boost the user experience!

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Here are a few, of the many, benefits of using technical SEO services: 

Better SEO results 

Optimized sites mean better SEO results. These, in turn, will translate into ROI and the wanted levels of conversion rates and user satisfaction. Technical SEO introduces a visible pool of business benefits that are worth tapping into. 

Increased user experience 

The clear-cut experience of interaction with your site is important not only from the user’s point of view but also from google algorithms and crawlers. Slow page speed, underperformance, and lack of intuitiveness cause abandoned sessions and frustration. 


Boost in conversion rate 

A proper and well-designed website from a technical SEO point of view is an excellent way of increasing each page’s overall conversion rate. The site which ranks higher in keyword research makes good use of the traffic. This is what an SEO consultant can easily introduce. 

Improved efficiency on mobile devices 

With the increasing mania of users going mobile with their keyword research, the site structure should be well-prepared for handling the growing mobile traffic. Proper mobile SEO strategies interpret tangible benefits.

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Services Associated With Technical SEO

Under the umbrella of SEO Services, technical SEO is a broad notion that includes many facets. If we go into more detail, it can confuse you, so we’ll try to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to understand.

An SEO agency will go through the following procedures when providing technical SEO services:

  • Deletion of redundant content
  • Receiving a report of crawl errors
  • Domain auditing
  • Improvements to the metadata
  • The creation of an XML sitemap
  • The HTTPS status codes being checked
  • Investigating any broken links
  • Implementing SSL
  • Increasing the site’s speed
  • Site search on Google
  • Website optimization for mobile devices
  • Looking over the redirects
  • A Google penalty fix

We acknowledge that managing your core business activities while negotiating the complex needs and processes of technical optimization SEO can be time-consuming, expensive, and resource-intensive. Our technical SEO experts are available to help you because of this.

What makes ExpGrowth the best option for technical SEO optimization?

Boost the efficiency of your website and increase organic traffic!

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Online success for WordPress and other CMS depends on technical SEO. You can identify website difficulties, take fast action to fix them, and ensure all SEO components are functioning effectively if you have a suitable technical optimization SEO strategy.

Employ our technical SEO services to your profit to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. When you work with our technical SEO team, you can anticipate the following:

Comprehensive Website Audits

The effectiveness of your website is the product of numerous factors working together. For your technical SEO, sponsored campaign, conversion rate optimization (CRO), backlink profile, analytics, and competition, ExpGrowth does thorough site audits. We may base our business judgments on data and study.

Specialists in technical SEO

Technical SEO expert ExpGrowth Marketing Agency is a top-tier SEO firm. Google-certified SEO experts on our team will supervise your project from project assessment to project conclusion. We find, organise, and put technical SEO recommendations based on data into practice to ensure that our services provide results. We also keep up with current market trends.

Reporting and Analytics

Keep an eye on your online activities and control the success of your SEO campaigns. Our team uses analytics to acquire helpful information and get your desired outcomes. We also offer regular consultations, email updates, and monthly reports to make you aware of your marketing strengths, limitations, and possibilities.

Web Strategies with Objectives

During our initial consultation, we examine your present campaign status, marketing goals, and expectations. We can then ensure that all of our SEO strategies match your objectives. Our staff also uses various distribution channels to boost traffic and generate leads to your website.

Track Record of Success

Hundreds of businesses have joined our technical SEO company to assist them in enhancing their online visibility. Through careful SEO technical assessments and applying SEO tactics focused on achieving results, we recognized and addressed numerous recurrent site issues. Learn more from our clients about the calibre of our technical SEO services.

Experience Counts

ExpGrowth has worked with companies in many sectors to increase their online presence and generate more sales for over eight years. Many of our SEO specialists have led their respective industries for over ten years.

We aren't your Regular SEO firm!

We’ve developed the knowledge that puts us ahead of the competition through our ongoing research into how search engines to scan, render, index, and rank web pages. Every project requires a particular approach to technical SEO, which is how we can give services of incomparable quality in the SEO sector.

Your needs will determine how we deliver our technical SEO services. This implies that the number of developers you have, your existing KPIs, or your timeframe for the future quarter all influence how we assess the technical health of your website, formulate our statement of work, and formulate our recommendations.

We’ve created a technique for organizing and carrying out Technical SEO services that produce unmatched results thanks to our years of experience.

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Technical SEO Service FAQs

Remarketing - FAQs

Please be aware that no developer or SEO company can promise a specific position within the search engines. We indeed promise to use the most excellent SEO strategies and tactics, but as Google warns, “Beware of SEOs that guarantee ranks”!

Yes. We do. When everything is finished, we’ll email you a complete report with a list of all the links we created for you and login information when applicable.

Google rankings do not happen overnight. The full results often take 3 to 6 months to manifest. This solely depends on the elements of your website, such as the domain age, current rankings, and prior optimization (good or bad).

Yes, we strictly adhere to Google’s standards and employ only white hat techniques. We only use high-quality connections. Don’t expect our service to provide thousands of spammy backlinks because we value quality above quantity.

We accept every legit URL. Adult websites and unlawful content are exceptions.