Supercharging Amazon Sales: A Case Study of 10x Revenue Growth in 4 Months

Client Overview

In the highly competitive landscape of Amazon, ExpGrowth collaborated with a hot chocolate company known for its premium Hot Chocolate Mix. Crafted in small batches with the finest cocoa, their hot chocolate promised a rich aroma and chocolatey flavour, catering to diverse preferences.

The Challenge

The client approached us with a pressing challenge – to enhance their Amazon sales without inflating the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). Their Amazon listing confronted multiple issues, such as inadequate keyword research, ineffective product titles, subpar product images, unoptimized product descriptions, insufficient A+ content, weak backend keywords, and a pricing strategy lacking competitiveness. On the advertising front, they faced issues like low visibility, poorly structured campaigns, escalating costs, suboptimal ad relevance, absence of negative keyword management, limited ad placement strategy, and a disregard for competitor analysis and data analytics.

Action Plan

To ensure the success of the hot chocolate company’s Amazon sales, ExpGrowth implemented a comprehensive action plan that covered three crucial areas: Research, Listing Revision, and Campaign Overhauling.

ExpGrowth began by conducting extensive keyword research to identify high-performing keywords relevant to the hot chocolate niche. This process involved analyzing search trends, customer preferences, and competitor strategies to create a robust foundation for the upcoming optimization efforts.

Additionally, the team executed category benchmarking for various elements, including the title, primary image, thumbnails/scroller images, bullet points, description, and A+ content. This meticulous benchmarking aimed to align the hot chocolate listing with the best practices in the category, ensuring it stood out and appealed to potential customers.

Listing Revision
Building upon the insights gained from the research phase, ExpGrowth initiated a comprehensive revision of the hot chocolate company’s Amazon listing. The textual content, including the title, bullet points, description, and A+ content, underwent enhancements based on the identified keywords and category benchmarking.

Simultaneously, the team worked on improving the visual elements of the listing. The images and visuals were refined to create a cohesive and visually appealing representation that aligned seamlessly with the brand theme. This step aimed not only to capture attention but also to instil confidence and trust in potential buyers.

Campaign Overhauling
Recognizing the pivotal role of advertising in driving visibility and sales on Amazon, ExpGrowth dedicated efforts to overhaul the existing campaigns. The restructuring process involved optimizing campaigns for better targeting impact, ensuring that the hot chocolate brand reached its most relevant audience segments.

Bidding strategies were fine-tuned based on targeting cohorts and placement data. The team identified and eliminated non-performing targeting cohorts, streamlining the campaign for efficiency. To capitalize on untapped opportunities, ExpGrowth tested and scaled new targeting cohorts, maximizing the potential reach and impact of the advertising campaigns.


The meticulously implemented strategies by ExpGrowth delivered remarkable outcomes for the hot chocolate company:

Best-Seller Status
The optimized approach catapulted the hot chocolate brand to attain best-seller status in its category, signaling a significant achievement and heightened visibility on the Amazon platform.

10x Revenue Growth
The strategic interventions led to an extraordinary tenfold increase in revenue within a mere four-month period, showcasing the effectiveness of the tailored optimization efforts in driving substantial financial success.

Improved Organic Ranking
The hot chocolate brand witnessed a notable improvement in organic rankings, securing the fifth position on the top three category keywords. This enhanced visibility contributed to increased discoverability and potential customer engagement.

Increased New-to-Brand Metrics
The implemented strategies not only attracted existing customers but also successfully expanded the customer base. The New-to-Brand (NTB%) metrics demonstrated this growth, reflecting a surge in new customers engaging with the hot chocolate brand.


Through meticulous research, strategic listing revisions, and comprehensive campaign overhauling, ExpGrowth propelled the hot chocolate company’s revenue by 10x within just four months. This success story highlights ExpGrowth’s ability to navigate Amazon’s complexities, optimize listings, and execute effective advertising strategies for remarkable results.

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