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Your business may execute aggressive campaigns encouraging online orders, return customers, and revenue that fuels your growth with eCommerce marketing services from ExpGrowth.

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Promoting your store to potential clients through several marketing platforms is known as eCommerce marketing. The objective is to draw potential buyers to your store so they may make purchases from you. With the help of eCommerce marketing, you can use promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store and convert those traffics to paying customers and also retain those customers post-purchase. At ExpGrowth, we use digital content, social media, email campaigns, and search engines in order to attract visitors and enable purchases online.

Using eCommerce marketing, your business can achieve various objectives, including increasing brand recognition, generating online sales, and opening brick-and-mortar locations.

eCommerce marketing
eCommerce marketing

Using eCommerce marketing is easy because of the spectrum of services we provide at ExpGrowth. You can employ a variety of services to expand your company, for instance:

  • eCommerce Optimization
  • eCommerce SEO
  • eCommerce PPC

Plus more!

Have you started preparing your website for organic search yet? Contact us online to discuss with a skilled strategist about boosting your company’s search engine ranks while simultaneously generating more revenue from them. Your team will receive a dedicated account manager, a tailored strategy, and frequent reports with all of our eCommerce marketing services. More than 91% of our clients choose us as their long-term success partner partly because of our client-first philosophy.

How can eCommerce Marketing fulfil your requirement?

eCommerce is the future of marketing. Embrace this opportunity to grow your business!

eCommerce marketing

Have a look at how this service can help you grow your business:

Unlimited customer reach: whatever you put on the internet, the world sees it unlike in the traditional, physical stores which are only limited to their physical areas. Using Ecommerce services, you will be provided with increased visibility and sales. The audience you want to target, will easily be able to find you just as they surf the internet. 

Reduction of cost: Having a brick-and-mortar shop means keeping extra expenses for electricity, space, etc. However, with eCommerce, you can easily save up for those expenses and put it to use in something else.  

24*7/365 days availability: Traditional shops have an opening and closing time but with eCommerce, you can be available for your customers 24*7. This will help you boost your number of orders and your sales will increase. 

Receive easy feedback on products: You may have always wanted to know what your customers think about your products. Online stores make it possibility where your customers to review your products and you get to know which areas you need improvement in.

eCommerce SEO

Drive Relevant Traffic

Increment in Leads

ecommerce ppc

eCommerce PPC

Increment in Conversions

Decrement in Avg. CPA

eCommerce Email

Drive More Loyal Clients

Generate More Sales 

eCommerce CRO

Convert Visitors into Sales

Increment in Revenue

Our eCommerce Marketing Solutions

Boost Client Loyalty and Enhance Your Conversion Rate

eCommerce CRO

At ExpGrowth, we strive to offer your company a comprehensive solution to its issue. Because these tactics frequently provide the most incredible option for boosting website traffic and long-term profitability, our eCommerce optimization services focus on SEO, CRO, content marketing, and web design.

eCommerce SEO

Develop your thought leadership branding while increasing your search presence. With the support of ExpGrowth's eCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) services, your brand may outperform the competition. Keyword analysis, local SEO, technical optimization, email marketing automation, and Google Analytics assessment are all part of our SEO services.

eCommerce PPC

Using the appropriate platform, connect your online store with the right customers at the right moment. Our eCommerce marketing agency does advertising evaluations to assist you in obtaining qualified traffic from purchasers with high intent. We provide paid advertising, eCommerce remarketing, landing page conversion, and A/B split testing for ads.

eCommerce Content Management

Boost brand engagement to appear higher in search results. Building brand recognition and improving the effectiveness of your product promotion are the main goals of our eCommerce content management techniques. In addition to writing blog pieces, we also provide social media posts, product descriptions, and downloadable manuals.

eCommerce Website Development

Are you looking for an attractive and fresh ecommerce website? ExpGrowth can help you create the best and most attractive website for your brand. Our team of experienced web design experts can design and develop the perfect store for you.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

From listening to music to shopping, everything is done by the customers on their phones. Once you reach out to your mobile audience, there will be no stop to your success. With our help, develop your mobile app which will directly connect you with your customer and increase your conversion rates.

Why Your Business Needs eCommerce Marketing?

What was impossible in the past for businesses is possible now!

eCommerce marketing

Centralize The Operations Of Your Company

You can set up a well-organized network of separate channels using eCommerce web marketing. Utilize data tracking solutions to keep tabs on consumer interactions with your brand and leads, gain access to multi-channel product listings, connect with customers across online platforms, and streamline administrative tasks.

Reducing Abandoned Carts Will Increase Sales

The Baymard Institute estimates that 69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned during checkout. You may persuade online buyers to return and finish their first purchase using combined email marketing and eCommerce optimization services.

Expand Your Customer Base

Expand your business by addressing a larger audience. With the help of eCommerce marketing, you may interact with millions of customers worldwide and generate leads for your website. More importantly, using your eCommerce website lets you grow your company without relocating to locations or finding bigger space.

Increasing Business Efficiency

You can expand your product offerings, streamline repetitive activities, and scale your business successfully with a reputable eCommerce marketing firm. You can use data-driven tactics to implement eCommerce digital marketing that aligns with your marketing objectives.

eCommerce marketing

Why choose ExpGrowth to Handle Your eCommerce Marketing?

Create Brand Awareness and Attract Quality Customers to Your Online Store

eCommerce marketing

ExpGrowth is a reliable partner for small-to-medium-sized online businesses. Why?

Several factors influence why businesses use our e-commerce marketing services, including:

Client Contentment

We are interested in your company. This consideration manifests in accommodating account managers, proactive team members, and persuasive techniques. Additionally, it generates 1,020 testimonials and has a client recommendation score 488% higher than the industry standard.

Consistent Outcomes

Results count. We put a lot of effort into producing tangible outcomes like sales because they motivate your ongoing investment in eCommerce marketing. For context, we have assisted our clients in managing more than 12.9 million transactions over the last five years.

Client-Centred Strategy

At ExpGrowth, we put the needs of the client first. We respond to emails from you and any questions you may have. There is no need for you to wait or ponder. Instead, you know that you have a reliable partner who is an addition to your team. Our client retention percentage is 91% as a result.

Price Transparency

With ExpGrowth, you won’t be concerned about last-minute fees or unforeseen costs. Transparent costs for all of our e-commerce digital marketing services are included, and you can also see them on our website. We provide a breakdown of each deliverable and fee for you if you need bespoke pricing.

Data-Driven Approaches

We don’t accept educated assumptions, even though we have one of the most seasoned teams. Instead, we base our strategy on data. In the last five years, we’ve helped our clients generate more than $3 billion in income using our data, which consists of billions of data points.

Seasoned Team

Our team of digital marketers has won awards. Many have developed specialties in various sectors of the economy and online marketing disciplines, such as social media, e-commerce marketing, paid to advertise, and more. When you select ExpGrowth, you can utilise and gain access to their expertise.

eCommerce Marketing Services FAQs


An eCommerce marketing strategy may refer to the overarching marketing plan that underpins your attempts to advertise your eCommerce business, or it may refer to the range of diverse channels and tactics available to eCommerce marketers. One type of eCommerce marketing strategy is eCommerce SEO.

Given that most marketing tactics for an eCommerce company will likely be digital, the phrase eCommerce digital marketing may seem redundant. However, conventional (non-digital) marketing techniques can be quite helpful for online companies. For instance, a lot of online retailers still send out printed catalogues.

To enhance the amount of traffic that comes to your website through organic search results, SEO, or search engine optimization, is increasing your website’s exposure in organic search engines. SEO tactics that are relevant to the eCommerce industry are included.

All digital marketing services an eCommerce store uses are collectively called “eCommerce marketing.” One aspect of eCommerce marketing is SEO, specifically eCommerce SEO.

eCommerce optimization services are a subset of digital marketing services that also include web design, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization. These services increase your online store’s visibility, traffic, and sales.

SEO is a long-term plan that can yield significant rewards when adequately implemented. In contrast to sponsored traffic, which stops flowing the moment you stop paying, SEO can continue to gain pace and drive traffic for several years. Since the increase in traffic frequently causes noticeable improvements in transactions and income, eCommerce SEO strategies often produce higher returns on investment.

But it will have a group of specialists that can spot the wants and weaknesses in your current plan. Additionally, they will cooperate with you to determine results, match them to your objectives, and provide regular, open reporting. 

Be wary of businesses promising rapid treatment. Select a company with a successful track record, references from satisfied clients, case studies, and positive feedback for its services.