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Our technologically advanced PPC services can assist you in meeting your objectives, and measuring and maximizing your PPC ROI, whether you need to boost leads, web traffic, or both.

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One of the best methods for focusing on your most qualified audience is PPC or pay-per-click advertising. It enables you to outperform rivals by reaching them where they are already looking. Pay-per-click marketing is a sponsored search strategy to increase brand recognition, market product offerings, and get quick traction with particular audience segments. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) relies on marketers only paying when users click on their PPC advertisements. Most people immediately think of Google PPC when pay-per-click is mentioned or heard. Pay-per-click advertising, however, extends beyond the Google Display Network and SERPs. The pay-per-click business model is also used by social networking websites, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

ppc service
ppc service

PPC helps advertisers to strategically place ads on a range of online marketing channels, increasing the visibility of their products and services to their target market. This indicates that the online adverts you encounter are pay-per-click ads. With our pay-per-click solutions, Exp Growth can provide a customised PPC strategy to assist you in growing your business’s income and conversion rates. Additionally, thanks to our proprietary revenue acceleration technology for clients, the effectiveness of your PPC ads could increase by up to 20% for your company.

How can PPC fulfil your demands?

Invest in PPC and check out the benefits that awaits you!

ppc service

Here are ways in which PPC fulfills your requirements and helps your business grow: 

Drive instant traffic to your site: PPC ads drive instant traffic to your site which will help your business get well recognized. The more a user is exposed to your brand’s ads, the more they are able to build their trust and establish a stronger identity in your business. 

Increases brand recognition and brand awareness: The best advantage of PPC advertising is the ability to be highly targeted with your media spend and helps build brand awareness within your target audience. 

Increases conversions and sales: When PPC directly advertises your brand to the target audience, you are bound to increase your sales. It will instantly drive more traffic to your sites.

Our PPC Solutions

Optimised PPC Campaigns Can Help You Expand Your Business

Search Ads

Paid search marketing is a form of search advertising. Prospects already searching for your sector or brand see your advertisements. These pay-per-click advertisements are appropriate for one-time promotions or short sales cycles.

Video Ads

YouTube ads are another name for video ads. These are pay-per-click advertisements that are seen on YouTube videos, search results, and video-playing partners on the display network. YouTube ads give your brand a unique and memorable presentation.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are good for websites with a lot of products. Prospects can analyse the products and ratings on Google SERP before they click on any website thanks to this PPC advertising, which appears in a display above or next to the primary Google search results.

Display Ads

Over 90% of online visitors are known to be reached effectively by display advertising. Targeting customers who visited websites with a similar niche, display advertising, is displayed on Google partner websites. Display advertising makes the most of pictures and text to attract online consumers’ attention and persuade them to act.

Google Discovery Ads

Reach out to potential customers when they use Google Search and Maps to look for businesses like yours. Pay just for outcomes, such as website clicks or phone calls to your company. To choose the best Google Discovery ads to employ to fill your sales funnel, our pay-per-click advertising firm closely collaborates with your team.

Social Media Ads

The fastest growing subset of pay-per-click advertising services is social media paid to advertise. Social advertising is displayed on social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Social media advertising is appropriate for firms with a robust social media following and a niche audience.

Remarketing Ads

One of the finest strategies to quadruple your sales and reach clients who convert well is through remarketing. Remarketing advertisements encourage website visitors to return and convert by reminding them to do so. Remarketing is generally less expensive than search advertising due to decreased competition and highly targeted consumer segments.

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Direct response leads can be generated efficiently using Gmail-sponsored campaigns. With GSP, you may directly contact prospective leads' email inboxes. In contrast to YouTube ads, GSP advertisements provide a click-to-call feature that enables prospects to call you now and convert at any stage of your sales funnel.

Why Do You Need PPC Service?

Get real-time control over your ad copy, ad spend and ad targeting!

The internet ecosystem is expanding, and websites are springing up like weeds. Nearly everyone uses the internet to plan their advertising strategies and maximize every conversion channel, from small businesses and franchises to eCommerce corporations and independent contractors. But with more marketing options come more complications.

Despite the accessibility of advertising resources and digital marketing avenues, some businesses fail to reach their target demographic. That’s why businesses in the market are struggling with an uphill struggle and need more headway with their internet marketing initiatives.

Significant difficulties faced by online businesses:

  • Increased rivalry
  • Growth of ad blockers
  • Rigorous industry standards
  • Adapting customer requirements
  • Expensive digital advertising
  • Different market norms
  • Evasive customers

Many businesses now need help with social media marketing. Before, social media platforms gave companies unfettered access to millions of prospects worldwide. Advertisers now have to spend more to get their content in front of their customers, thanks to regulations introduced by social media behemoths. This becomes a problem because not all companies can start and sustain large-scale social media initiatives.

Pay-per-click advertising is a wise alternative if you are searching for an immediate campaign boost and a quick return on investment (ROI). With focused PPC services, you can keep total control over your sponsored search marketing initiatives and achieve successful business results.

ppc service

Why Exp Growth's PPC Services Outperform the Competition?

Increase Your Client Base by Making Use of Our Technical Knowledge

ppc service

A reputable pay-per-click company, Exp Growth is dedicated to your success. With each pay-per-click campaign we manage, we bring on our years of experience, skill, and industry knowledge. Trust us to put our total effort into enhancing your online performance, from PPC audit and account setup through advertisements management and campaign monitoring.

When you employ our pay-per-click marketing company, you may anticipate the following:

Specialized Pay Per Click Professionals

At ExpGrowth, we strive to simplify the often technical, challenging, and daunting search engine marketing processes. Our pay-per-click advertising agency replaces your outsourced online marketing staff. Once you become a client of our pay-per-click company, we assign you a single point of contact who will oversee your PPC campaign and respond to your inquiries.

PPC Company With a Customer Focus

Our PPC advertising business works hard to demonstrate that we own our clients’ voices. We determine your marketing objectives and campaign performance to give you data-driven advice. We keep our lines open and plan monthly meetings with your project leaders to discuss your PPC campaign strategy whenever convenient.

Receive customised PPC campaigns

Every business has various needs since, as we all know, every business is unique. This implies that each campaign is individually designed to include the components in which you are most interested. You can select the PPC management pricing range and strategy offering that best suits your company by choosing from one of our three plans: the basic plan, the aggressive schedule, or the market leader plan.

PPC Auditing in Depth

Our PPC advertising agency ensures that all elements of your PPC campaign align with your objectives and follow all relevant rules. Our paid search experts assess your statistics, remarketing strategies, key performance indicators (KPIs), and account structure. We do in-depth PPC audits to identify potential campaign faults, modify your approach, and improve your campaign.

Complete Reporting

We constantly keep you informed about the status of your campaigns and online activities as your professional pay-per-click marketing company. We offer you personalised campaign reports that include information on your Google Analytics outcomes, keyword rankings, and general campaign performance. You can access our client dashboard through our PPC management company and monitor your campaign in real-time.

Dedicated PPC Experts

Our responsibility is to simplify a sophisticated and occasionally daunting pay-per-click procedure for our clients. One of the numerous ways we do this is by assigning an individual point of contact to each client to oversee their project.

PPC Services FAQs


The service provider and the chosen plan will affect PPC services’ deliverables. Most of the time, PPC management services involve keyword targeting, bid monitoring, routine reporting, and advertising on Google and Bing.

PPC is a flexible form of internet advertising that enables you to set a budget and change it as needed. Your sponsored advertising campaigns appear before all organic search results, assisting your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and helping you rank above your rivals right away. Most importantly, in contrast to traditional advertising or online marketing initiatives, you may target your desired demographic directly. The knowledge gained from the data collected from PPC ads is priceless since it helps you understand your users’ behavior immediately.

Make sure to choose a PPC management firm for your company that is a seasoned and dominant force in its industry, has a solid reputation in the marketplace and is a suitable fit for your business and its requirements.

Your digital marketing activities and associated costs can be measured readily, helping you avoid wasting money. With traditional marketing strategies, this is far more challenging. Additionally, the price of employing a digital marketing firm depends on the size of the project.

The answer to this question relies on your condition right now, your goals, and the market. PPC and SEO each have advantages and disadvantages. Both are respectable traffic providers. Consider your needs and business scenario while deciding between PPC and SEO.

Nearly half of all page clicks go to advertisements that show in search results because they are tailored to a particular audience. In contrast to an organic visitor, users who click on paid advertisements are typically prepared to make a purchase and are thus more likely to do so. PPC advertisements target specific web consumers who are looking for businesses like yours. This may significantly impact your financial situation.

But it will have a group of specialists that can spot the wants and weaknesses in your current plan. Additionally, they will cooperate with you to determine results, match them to your objectives, and provide regular, open reporting. 

Be wary of businesses promising rapid treatment. Select a company with a successful track record, references from satisfied clients, case studies, and positive feedback for its services.