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Increase Brand Engagement by Sending Targeted, Timed Messages!

Short message service, also known as SMS marketing, is an introductory text messaging service that sends advertisements, alerts, and other messages to opt-in, permission-based audience groups. With the help of immediate, targeted contact, text message marketing allows you to engage with current clients and attract new business.

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Short message service, also known as SMS marketing, is an introductory text messaging service that sends advertisements, alerts, and other messages to opt-in, permission-based audience groups. With the help of immediate, targeted contact, text message marketing allows you to engage with current clients and attract new business.

sms marketing service
sms marketing service

New technologies have made it possible to maintain 24/7 customer contact in today’s digital world. However, as technology develops, customers increasingly seek real brand experiences driven by people rather than algorithms and have a personal touch. Customers must expressly consent to businesses’ SMS marketing efforts through contest registrations, online opt-in forms, or texting a specific keyword-shortcode code. Using promotional SMS marketing campaigns without this explicit agreement constitutes an illegal privacy invasion.

How does our SMS Marketing services fulfil your demands?

Have you ever wondered why your company should use digital marketing services?

sms marketing service

Companies and businesses invest in the best text marketing services for many reasons. SMS marketing is a crucial part of omnichannel marketing primarily because it is not reliant on an internet connection. Utilizing online and offline channels to engage with your target market and drive them down the sales funnel is known as multichannel or omnichannel marketing. By including text message marketing in your omnichannel marketing plan, you can establish a unified brand experience across all channels, from the first interaction to the last.

Text marketing is typically used to deliver urgent information and data to those who have signed up to receive brand-related mobile text marketing campaigns, such as offers, updates, and alerts. However, because SMS marketing services are more immediate, many companies now employ them for purposes other than marketing strategies. Whatever your goal, investing in the best text marketing solution is a method to get in front of your target audience more effectively and quickly.

Our SMS Marketing Solutions

A highly effective and multi-channeling marketing technique!

SMS Coupons

SMS coupons usually have a longer expiration date. ExpGrowth will increase the appeal of the customers by including QR codes that can instantly be scanned and virtually stimulating graphics. These messages are very beneficial especially in terms of boosting traffic and increasing sales.

Flash Sales

In this type of SMS marketing the level of activity is held for only a short amount of time. The time element is what makes flash sales different from the traditional type of promotion. Traditional sales offer discounts for a longer period of time whereas flash sales is known for its intense level of urgency.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are used to encourage customers to make a purchase. These are very effective in cultivating customer relationships for a long period of time. Customers feel valued and in turn, they spend more time and invest more money on your brand.

Alerts and Notifications

There are various types of alerts and notifications that can be sent through SMS. These include standard updates regarding business hours, special events taking place with the business, new arrivals of products, new services, sales, restock alerts, emergency alerts and standard company updates.

Promotional Deals and Discounts

Promotional deals and discounts are the most-widely used marketing techniques in today’s world. These include messages sent directly to customers on discounts, deals, special sales on products, clearances etc. These promotions create a great level of urgency because they are time-sensitive.

Text-to-Win Competitions

In this form, a campaign is initiated where customers can enter a contest simply by responding to a text message your business sends. Once the contest deadline occurs, a winner is selected by a random generator. In Text-to-win competitions, winners are provided with gift cards, free gifts or even complimentary services.

Why SMS Marketing Matters to your Business?

Gain Online Success by Increasing Your Revenue Growth Rate!

sms marketing service

High deliverability, increased customer engagement, and more revenue!

Additional justifications for your company’s wise decision to invest in text message marketing include the following:

Exceptionally Quick Delivery

With the click of a button, text marketing services instantly transmit your message to your target audience. This increases the likelihood that your message will be viewed as soon as it is delivered.

Customer Direct Communication

Customers who opt to get SMS from businesses don’t mind them in about 75% of cases (eMarketer). Additionally, 70% of respondents think that SMS is a fantastic technique to catch their attention in today’s busy digital age.

Reach a Large Audience

A staggering 97 percent of Americans, according to the Pew Research Center, own a cellphone. SMS marketing service campaigns can effectively reach most of your target demographic.

Higher Revenue

According to studies, customers are more likely to click on a text-messaged link than one sent via email. Most SMS recipients respond to calls to action (CTAs) by one-third, and roughly 47% make a transaction (Omnisend).

sms marketing service

Why Opt for ExpGrowth's SMS Marketing Services?

Increase Client Understanding of Your Brand by Building Trust!

sms marketing service

A reputable SMS marketing firm, ExpGrowth Marketing Firm, is committed to assisting companies in ensuring the efficiency and performance of their SMS marketing programs. To ensure that the campaigns for our clients are successful, our plans align with the most recent technological advancements and market trends.

Gain the following advantages by collaborating with our SMS marketing business:

Service for TCPA-Compliant Text Marketing

At ExpGrowth, we ensure every SMS/MMS message you send is TCPA-compliant. Our text marketing team constantly scans and cleans your subscription lists. More significantly, you can be sure that we never use lists that have been illegally bought.

Services for Sending Out Bulk SMS

No matter how extensive your SMS marketing efforts are, our team of text marketing experts has you completely covered. SMS automation campaigns and broadcast marketing are available from our SMS marketing company.

SMS Marketing Professionals

Once you partner with us, you can relax knowing that skilled marketing experts handle your SMS/MMS campaigns. We monitor every process step, from list cleansing and segmentation through campaign conception, execution, and monitoring, to ensure that you get the best from the investment.

Service for Comprehensive SMS Marketing

Fully managed SMS marketing solutions are available from our text message marketing business. We can also make any necessary visuals or movies for you. ExpGrowth has a staff of skilled digital marketing experts who are proficient in writing, producing videos, and creating original content.

Comprehensive Monthly Reports

We ensure you stay up to date on your campaign development. Our text marketing specialists send you thorough monthly reports that cover your campaign data, essential metrics and suggested tactics. During our planned calls, we will be presenting you with this report.

Detailed Implement Procedure

When your campaign first launches, our SMS marketing advisors give you a detailed summary of your SMS marketing approach. You will be fully aware of the strategies we will use to accomplish your objectives in this way. To ensure we are on the same track, we define your campaign analytics from the beginning.

SMS Marketing Services FAQs


Customers still in the consideration stage can benefit from SMS marketing because it is a potent medium. By implementing an SMS marketing plan with ExpGrowth, you can quickly reach prospects at crucial points in their purchasing process.

Like email marketing, SMS marketing plays a unique part in fostering client loyalty and trust for your business. To reach customers at the perfect time, use SMS marketing. Any industry, including healthcare, SaaS, and eCommerce, can use SMS marketing.

Like other channels, SMS marketing has difficulties, but regulation is the biggest roadblock. Getting a user’s phone number is sensitive information, and improper implementation might cost your company money. Our specialists at ExpGrowth understand this channel and make sure we can use it effectively. A highly brief and tailored text structure is another feature of our SMS marketing services that will pique customers’ interests.

Our SMS marketing experts are committed to helping our clients achieve development. The team uses our rapid experimentation methodology to rapidly and swiftly find growth opportunities, run experiments, and produce meaningful outcomes.